More than a jeans.
It's our story.
It has our look.
Our way.

Follows the spirit of the time.
And it's sustainable, like us. Renews itself.
With styles that never end, it innovates.

It is plural and has many names.
Different in wearing and living.
It has Brazil in its roots,
And the whole world in its references.

It's multiple.
It has many faces, many ways.
Many bodies, many cultures.
And it's for all identities.

More than a jeans.
It's your story.
It has your look and your way.
And, for Vicunha, you are
the face of our jeans.

We are a global reference for jeanswear solutions.

Denim is unique but It is for everyone. It serves many purposes. It adapts. Evolves. Transforms. From Yesterday, to today, and tomorrow. It is at the same time functional, simplistic, respectful, and sophisticated. It is the culture and behaviour of a society. This is jeanswear. Clothes that can be both democratic and exclusive. Can take you from the workplace to a party. Denim is fashion it can stretch and contract, it can be long or short, voluminous or tight always evolving into different styles.
Denim is the solution for everything and everyone. Denim is identity and design. To Vicunha, Jeanswear is Jeansidentity.


Do you know about the projects of our sustainability pillar? Our commitment is to continuously reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment, leading and driving sustainable initiatives in our chain and in the community in which we operate! In addition to the environment, we want to preserve, take care of and empower the communities and people around us.

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Browse throughout our complete portfolio of solutions. Denim and Denim Colour articles shared into 6 macro lines which explore all the possibilities that a jeans can offer to your business.

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