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Denim is unique but It is for everyone. It serves many purposes. It adapts. Evolves. Transforms. From Yesterday, to today, and tomorrow. It is at the same time functional, simplistic, respectful, and sophisticated. It is the culture and behaviour of a society. This is jeanswear. Clothes that can be both democratic and exclusive. Can take you from the workplace to a party. Denim is fashion it can stretch and contract, it can be long or short, voluminous or tight always evolving into different styles.

Denim is the solution for everything and everyone. Denim is identity and design. To Vicunha, Jeanswear is Jeansidentity.

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Sustainability is
core to our business.

Ethics, social responsibility and commitment to the environment are pillars of all our processes and activities. Together, we invest and create pioneering technologies and processes that reduce the impact on nature and contribute to the well-being of the communities around us. From the reduction and conscious use of our raw materials, through to social projects and professional training, there are several initiatives that are present in our daily lives. We collect, share knowledge and make data available to the entire sector, such as the Water Footprint report, which helps promote transparency in the fashion chain. These are actions that add value and difference to our products, our customers, the entire production chain, providing a far reaching sustainable businesses network for everyone.

Sustentabilidade Check the results of the pioneer
study Vicunha Water Footprint. Acess here

Sustentabilidade 7.000 tons/year of recycled cotton
Sustentabilidade 83 million litres/years of water saved
Sustentabilidade 11.000 MWh/year of energy saved
Sustentabilidade 30.000 tons/year of CO2 compensation
Sustentabilidade 95% less water across a range products
Sustentabilidade 95% less chemicals across a range products









Products with sustainability, innovation and technology in six macrolines

V.Moove:Comfort and flexibility

Comfort and flexibility are the main characteristics of the V. Moove line. The items are versatile in the laundry and offer a wide array of applications that follow global trends.

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V.Original:100% classic denim

Our V. Original line rescues the basics and creates new stories without losing its authenticity.

V.Light:Creativity and innovation

Rereading fashion classics with soft-touch, lightness and perfect fit.

V.Athletic:Movement and style

The V. Athletic Denims are able to combine comfort, style and functionality in sporty looks.

V.TechInnovation with style

Innovation to bring diversity to your collection. V. Tech’s lines and articles bring novelty and unique creations that add value to your business.

V.EcoTrue commitment to sustainable development

The V. Eco line offers solutions for those who seek to differentiate themselves through products that are committed to environmental, social and economic impacts, in original pieces that allow countless creations.

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Information about trends, fashion and the art of denim in a complete guide including Vicunha's products from the new season.

Edition #22 Edition #21 Edition #20 Trends SS21

Vicunha’s macrotrends for Denim and Denim Colour

Trend 1 #NaturalPunk
A new type of punk, a ‘rebel with a cause’ - the preservation of the planet. Their armour is made from sustainable and conscious fabrics, with rock star style styling, rearranged in a palette of raw and off whites, natural and ecological finishes.

Trend 2 #Storytellers
Revives the values of fashion classics and reframes them through customization. New interpretations of vintage come in light weight fabrics and unusual combinations.

Trend 2 #Storytellersk
Revives the values of fashion classics and reframes them through customization. New interpretations of vintage come in light weight fabrics and unusual combinations.

Trend 3 #EfficientEra
Innovation and functionality come together in garments that adapt to an increasingly dynamic lifestyle. Comfort and flexibility come to life in highly technological fabrics.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, our priority has been to take all measures to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of our people, always seeking the sustainability of the business and the maintenance of employment and income.

We have promoted a series of initiatives that reaffirm our commitment to society, to the sustainability in the sector and the union of the fashion chain. Since the advancement of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide and in Brazil, Vicunha has led indispensable actions to help contain the advance of the virus and ensure a scheduled and healthy resume of business. Among them, creating a fabric collection to support institutions, stylists, small entrepreneurs and seamstresses in the manufacture of masks. We also contributed by donating 27 million PPE to the governments of the states where our factories are located in Brazil and reactivated part of our Sewing Room to produce 36,000 masks for the protection of our employees, their families and the community.

Still, with the objective of guaranteeing a gradual and responsible recovery for the activities, we created a booklet with general guidelines for work in pandemic cases, following our Prevention and Contingency Protocol at Covid-19 and the recommendations from health and government agencies.

We also provide a simple and agile channel for open and transparent dialogue with our employees, customers and partners to share health information, communicate our actions and news from the sector.

Together, we will overcome this moment with purpose, focus and hard work!


Speed to Market
In Europe where there is a focus is on ‘speed to market’ we have the versatility of offering quick delivery from our 2 warehouses from either Colombo or the Netherlands with which we aim to deliver fabric within 7 to 10 days.

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Ethics and Conduct Channel

This channel is open to all audiences, based on our code of ethics and conduct, to act in the prevention of risks, records of deviations and irregularities.

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