Vicunha's Collaborations

The coração local concept collection is a celebration of sustainable fashion and the magic of local sourcing and regenerative practices. Born from a beautiful collaboration between Vicunha and Simply Suzette, this 6-piece denim concept collection is a testament to the beauty and responsibility of fashion that embraces local communities and restores land.

Inspired by the powerful concept of thinking global and acting local, the coração local collection brings denim production to life in the Northern region of Brazil. Each piece is crafted with an unwavering love for elements of the Earth including locally sourced cotton from Brazilian farms using regenerative agriculture practices that nourish the land and communities we all share. The result is a collection that exudes the earthy colors and soft, durable denim that reflect its connection to the local land and community, showcasing the pride and dedication of the local resources at work.

The coração local collection's goal is to promote local sourcing and regenerative practices that nurture healthier soil, increase biodiversity, and support local communities. Through this beautiful collaboration, Vicunha and Simply Suzette aim to inspire a love for fashion that makes a positive impact on our world, and bring forth a new era of sustainable fashion that values the local and the regenerative.

A portion of the collection's budget will be donated in honor of the collaboration to Project Pescar to support community development giving youth from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to receive job training and placement at Vicunha!