Our Sustainable Journey!

Ethics, social responsibility and a commitment to the environment are pillars of our processes and activities. Together, we invest and evolve in pioneering technologies and actions with a commitment to continuously reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment, leading and driving sustainable initiatives in our production chain.

From the reduction and conscious use of raw materials and resources, through to support and incentive for education and social actions in the communities in which we operate, there are various initiatives present in our daily routine. We collect, share knowledge and make data available to the entire industry, helping to promote transparency in the fashion chain.

Check out 2021 annual sustainability report!

Check out some socio-environmental actions that add value to the fashion and textile sector and to society as a whole:

We have trained over 300 young people through the project Pescar, over nearly two decades of supporting the initiative in the communities where we operate, such as Maracanaú, Pacajus and Natal;

Through Indústria do Conhecimento, we provide our employees with qualification and information, creating opportunities;

Through the program Pra Ser, we make it possible for our people to enjoy higher levels of health, safety and quality of life, with physical and mental health care, vaccination campaigns, good health campaigns and partnerships with Gympass;

We dispose of our solid and liquid waste appropriately. And we re-utilize and recycle materials in our processes, such as cotton and thread;

In addition to reusing rainwater, we reduce water consumption in our processes;

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by directing CO2 from our biomass boilers to correct the pH in our effluent treatment plants.

The effluents generated in the production processes are properly treated at appropriate stations for this procedure.

Check out the milestones of our sustainability journey

  • Implementation of
    5S management methodology


  • Attainment of ISO 9001 Certification
    (quality management)


  • Implementation of the 3R Program
    (Remove, Reduce and Recycle)


  • Attainment of ISO 14001 Certification (environmental management)


  • Attainment of Oeko Tex Made
    in Green label


  • Beginning of Projeto Pescar for
    youth training


  • Introduction of Lean Methodology,
    with the launch of the Kaizen Program week


  • Attainment of GRS Certification
    (Global Recycled Standard)


  • Implementation of the
    ZDHC wastewater guidelines and
    ZDHC Gateway database (Zero Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals)


  • Introduction of Kaizen Circles (KC)


  • Implementation of the Higg Index Standard and SMETA-Sedex
    (for sustainable socio-environmental performance) criteria


  • Vicunha Water Footprint (a study of water consumption indicators in the jeanswear life cycle)


  • Introduction of the TPM program


  • Adherence to the UN Global Compact


  • Attainment of RCS
    (Recycled Claim Standard) Certification


We continue to constantly strive for new ideas, technologies and partnerships, with continuous innovation and improvement aligned with our commitment to this journey of sustainability!


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