Message from Administration

The past five years have been marked by instability, and Vicunha has shown itself to be resilient and positive in the face of a very challenging scenario. This context has made us rethink what Vicunha will be like in coming years and, sensitive to a world in constant transformation, we feel the need to return to our essence and adapt our business model to accompany the new times.

Allied with an extensive process of cultural evolution – always putting our people first – 2019 was a milestone year for Vicunha as we prepared for one of the most important transitions in our history, in tune with society's new mindset of consumption, which now requires ever more transparency in every process in the textile chain, shortening the cycles and changing competitiveness.

This movement of evolution is marked by the company's change in command, in a successive process encouraged by Ricardo Steinbruch, who assumed the presidency of the executive board with the objective of bringing his legacy and vision of the future to the business. Moving in this direction, we go from an “industry that sells” to a “commercial company that also produces,” strengthening the unity of marketing and commercial strategies with the objective of bringing us closer to consumers and their demands, bolstering our strategic importance to our clients, remaining relevant in a world that is increasingly more connected and unpredictable.

In this context, we announce a new way of thinking and doing business. We want to offer jeanswear solutions that are ever more integrated and complete for the entire chain, from the supplier to the end consumer. This inspiring guidance leading our decisions has given us the ambition to become a company that is a worldwide reference in the jeanswear market, with the awareness that our relationships are interdependent and that, by sharing our knowledge, we are building the foundations for better and more sustainable results.

Mindful of the movements in this market which is ever more versatile and shifting, we are adopting for 2020 a dynamic model for the launch of our collections, investing in constant research and development in order to offer products, collections and technologies aligned with the latest consumer trends with greater frequency and adaptability. Another big project in view is “V.Academy: the one-stop shop,” a center of excellence in innovation and instruction that seeks to empower people in the textile sector, share knowledge and present new technologies to the chain, such as sustainable processes in laundry methods.

We remain faithful to our worldwide commitment to sustainability. We are pioneers in employing positive practices in the industry, always acting with transparency and efficiency through countless initiatives that encompass a vast platform of sustainable business.One case that is great source of pride for the company is the Vicunha Water Footprint, an unprecedented project in the country that measured the impact that the production of one pair of jeans has on the water network in Brazil, from the planting of cotton down to the end consumer. The result is a report that is now shared with the entire market, the industry and society as a whole through the platform “Fashion for Water,” connecting companies, consumers and NGOs with the objective of uniting the chain and promoting debates on the responsible management of water. This is a major step in diminishing the fashion industry's environmental impact and promoting transparency in the sector.

In addition, we believe and invest in projects for social development in the regions of Northeast Brazil, where our factories are located. These are actions that provide professional training, such as Projeto Pescar [“Project Fishing”] and Industria do Conhecimento [“The Industry of Knowledge”], in order to transform the reality of people in conditions of social risk and place them in the job market.

In the coming years, as the most internationalized company in the Brazilian textile sector, we have a perspective of international expansion with a strategic focus on the Americas and Europe, investing in our global, industrial modernization and local relevance, assuming a focus on clients and the cultural evolution of the company as essential pillars for our success in this new context of our world.

With an eye on the future, an appreciation for our people and a constant focus on the sustainability of our business, we see a great potential for Vicunha to capture more value in our market and positively impact society. As such, by celebrating the multiplicity of a world that is constantly evolving, we take up the goal of stimulating the Jeanswear culture with all its functionality, diversity and beauty to allow each individual on earth to find their jeansidentity.


Recognized around the world for its high standards of quality and sustainability, Vicunha is a Brazilian multinational present in Latin America, Europe and Asia, with factory units located in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador, as well as sales offices and distribution centers in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Holland and Sri Lanka, with approximately 7,000 employees. With over 50 years on the market, Vicunha is a global reference in jeanswear solutions, operating in the denim fabric and color denim segment. In addition to innovative products, the company brings to the market intelligence through the customization of services to trends in fashion, sustainability, design and washes. This is what makes Vicunha a one-stop shop, a business model that is able to attend its clients' needs in one single place, helping to increase its competitiveness with integrated solutions.

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