Vicunha around Europe

Global reference in jeanswear solutions

Brazil is known all over the world for its riches, whether natural or cultural, which makes the country a hothouse for innovation in Latin America, directly reflecting the way industries do business, especially the textile industry. And it was in this scenario that, over 55 years ago, Vicunha was born, a genuinely Brazilian company which, over the years, became a global reference in jeanswear solutions, positioning itself as one of the three largest manufacturers of indigo knits and denim in the world and number one in Latin America.

“Brazil is our base. It's where we were born and where we grow. The entire diversity of our people, our culture and our natural riches allows us to explore the multiplicity of jeanswear. Our quintessential Brazilian spirit inspires us to create innovative and sustainable solutions so that each person can find their own style,” says German Alejandro, CMO of Vicunha.

Incorporating into its DNA the pillars of sustainability and innovation, the company develops projects and procedures aimed at creating highly technological, versatile and durable products that minimize impacts on the environment. One example of these initiatives is the Vicunha Water Footprint Project, which measured, for the first time in Brazil, the water impact from the life cycle of a pair of jeans, from the planting of cotton crops all the way to the end consumer. We also launched the first denim from Brazil made of 100% recycled raw material and, every year, 6,300 tons of cotton fibers are reclaimed internally, recycled and reutilized from the waste generated in the manufacturing processes, from spinning to weaving, being turned back into cotton threads. We use renewable biomass as a fuel to run the boilers, which results in 10,500 fewer tons of pollutant emissions per month.

Vicunha also participates in the project SouABR, the first large-scale initiative for traceability in the Brazilian textile chain. By reading the QR Code on the clothing label, consumers who purchase a piece from partner / participating stores, can find out the farm where the socio-environmentally certified cotton was grown, the spinning mill that turned it into thread, the weaving industry that developed the fabric or mesh and the garment factory that cut and sewed it. In other words, the program offers the consumer transparency, encouraging them to make more conscious choices. In fact, much of the cotton used in Vicunha's production line is ABR (which stands for "Responsible Brazilian Cotton").


A 'Glocal' company

In addition to local relevance, Vicunha has global reach. With customers spread across the Americas, Europe and Asia, factories in Brazil (three units in the Northeast), Argentina and Ecuador, and administrative operations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the company's products are manufactured with the quality demanded by the most discerning markets in the world, always with the objective of attendng its clients according to their most specific needs and local characteristicsics, with agility and speed to market.

This market reading allows Vicunha to create specific product lines for each market it serves. “We study the local culture and customer needs in each country where we do business and then we offer the products that are best suited to their needs. In other words, Vicunha customizes its services by region, promoting the culture of jeanswear, which is multiple and democratic, and helping consumers find their ‘jeansidentity," adds German Alejandro, CMO of Vicunha.


Fresh and diverse fashion

Vicunha takes a leading role in anticipating market trends, striving to offer innovative products and solutions for the entire fashion chain. This leadership highlights Vicunha as a reference in offering fresh and diverse fashion, which meets environmental as well as social needs.

The company maintains a close relationship with new designers and creative types, engaging in innovative projects in the fashion industry. This is the case of V.Tex, Vicunha's fabric bank whose purpose is to support brands, stylists, social initiatives and institutions. The initiative values what is "made in Brazil" and reinforces the company's activities with a focus on stimulating Brazilian fashion and encouraging new talents and businesses in the sector.



Vicunha at Kingpins 2023
The biggest jeanswear industry event in the world!

The 2023 edition of the Kingpins international fair, the biggest event in the world for the jeanswear industry, was held on April 12th and 13rd.

And Vicunha, being at the forefront of jeans innovations, was there to make the announcement of two initiatives. The first is a brand new partnership with Scheffer, a pioneer in the production of regenerative cotton in Brazil. To learn more about this partnership, click here. And the second highlight is the launch of a new collection of articles produced with this sustainable Brazilian input.

The products are being exhibited for the first time in the international market, thus reinforcing the commitment that we at Vicunha have to meeting our customers and business partners' current demands, in addition to valuing Brazilian cotton and sustainable practices.

There are two new lines of fabrics made with regenerative cotton from Scheffer:

PACITO, composed of 100% cotton;
LETIZIA, composed of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

“We're proud to introduce regenerative cotton into our production, contributing to a more sustainable industry… And we remain committed to making a positive impact on the jeans production chain.”
Marcos De Marchi, CEO of Vicunha

The new collection also includes articles made with recycled yarn, certified and natural fibers, specially designed for the European market, highlighting Vicunha's efforts to promote a more transparent textile chain committed to reducing social and environmental impacts. The new items should arrive in Brazil soon. Stay tuned!




Vicunha at Kingpins Amsterdam
October 22

Vicunha has been a regular at Kingpins, one of the main textile fairs in the world and the largest in Europe, since 2011. This year, focusing this time on strengthening its global position and leadership in innovation and sustainability, of the new features presented, the Brazilian company brought to the fair their Hemp fabric, the first denim in Brazil made from the fiber of cannabis plants, and announced V.Laundry, a pioneering center of textile innovation in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world, to the European market first-hand.

“There is a new, post-pandemic trend that clothes have to look good and be comfortable, long-lasting and sustainable. The Hemp line attends all of these points. It has gained prominence in Brazil and also has the potential to enter the European market,” explains German Alejandro, CMO of Vicunha. “Innovation, sustainability and transparency have always determined Vicunha's strength in Brazil and Latin America. And our global performance will be based on these principles, too,” the executive adds.

The company is also betting on the development of more sustainable processes and products, with a focus on the reduction of the consumption of virgin cotton, as well as a lower consumption of water and chemicals. “We're one of the first plants to invest in the recycling and reuse of cotton in our production. These initiatives taken by Vicunha have been standing out in Brazil for years and now the European market will also be able to count on our innovations to take important steps in the construction of more sustainable fashion," German finalizes.